Point And Drive For Life: The Marching Band Factor

Point And Drive For Life: The Marching Band Factor

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In this powerful new book from the inspiring documentary 'Point and Drive', producer, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Brandi Mitchell recounts her own experiences and stories from the motivating film as well as insights from successful alumni band members and leaders across the business, entertainment, education, arts, music and non-profit fields to reveal the 10 principles that will help you define what you want, go after it, and be inspired and empowered to reach your goals. In Point and Drive For Life: The Marching Band Factor, you’ll learn:

  • How to follow your passion as a roadmap to purpose

  • How to stay ready to seize opportunities

  • How to cultivate your talent and consistently improve to become a leader

  • How to develop the discipline to go after what you want and get it

  • How to become a leader that influences and impacts

  • How to commit to excellence as the standard

  • How to reignite your drive and have the courage to start or start again

No matter your age or position, you create your reality with your daily habits, mindset, and what you practice. If you want to reach your full potential, be a top performer, and play big in life, this book is for you – call it your marching band field. Come join the band!